[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and safeguard the interests of refugees and to deal with all matters relating to refugee affairs worldwide in hot spots and refugees in countries neighbouring hot spots and refugees in developing and developed countries, and to deal with all refugees who have used countries other than their own for political, humanitarian, economic or social reasons.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the Foundation will carry out all activities necessary to achieve these goals, in particular the following activities ∶

  • One of the most important tasks of the Foundation is to establish or participate in the establishment of humanitarian development projects service medical education and training as well as projects of a nature of sustainable development in cooperation with the United Nations and the European Union as well as with governmental and non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations around the world.
  • organize educational assistance and support and provide financial support through loans and grants for the payment of personal education expenses;
  • support and improve the living conditions of disadvantaged families, develop projects for homeless families and children, create education and health;
  • promote family cohesion and collaboration and provide information on family ties, family members and provide additional support to families ;
  • organize the distribution of foodstuffs;
  • make its expertise in interculturality available to other organizations;
  • fight ethnic discrimination in the labour market, discrimination based on nationality, race, skin colour, country of origin or ethnicity, as well as propose civil protection measures against discrimination, help promote anti-discrimination laws, contribute to greater equality, reconcile discriminated persons, otherwise proceed to litigation;
  • > increase awareness of the different grounds of discrimination, including racism, faith or philosophical conception, disability, age and sexual orientation, wealth, marital status, political conviction, trade union conviction, health status, physical or genetic characteristics, birth, social origin and gender, nationality, origin and national affiliation, discrimination based on language;
    organise information and awareness-raising campaigns and training on methods to combat discrimination, and in general any appropriate training by offering tools in the fight for equal opportunities and against discrimination;
  • work at the international level to raise awareness and this through various specialized bodies in discrimination and diversity, publications and statistics;
  • contribute to the mutual strengthening of unity, solidarity and association, encourage dialogue and strengthen the social fabric;
    be a feminist activist movement, raise the issue of injustice against women, strengthen women’s participation in work, integrate women’s participation in sustainable development, strengthen women’s role in peace and conflict resolution, organize activities in a gender-sensitive manner, create blogs, strengthen magazine trips as well as create volunteer organizations and specific support tools for women, combat the sexual oppression of women and children;
  • promote global solidarity in the broadest sense;
  • organize trips, support and recreational activities in the broadest sense, sports clubs and drawing academies;
  • encourage plurilingual cognitive and social development;
  • provide mediation during unemployment, promoting opportunities for sustainable participation in the workplace;
  • stimulate the interdependence of generations and cultures and contribute to the expansion of diversity;
  • provide advice on the above activities at the international level to organizations and/or authorities, in general be a centre of knowledge and expertise and establish, organize, maintain and participate in a social debate;
    represent the association’s interests before the European institutions, local, national and international organisations.
    develop a municipal, regional, national and international policy for the protection of the environment and nature, as well as the improvement, conservation and restoration of nature and landscape;
  • organize aims at the sustainable conservation, restoration and development of nature conservation in wildlife and flora, nature, nature, nature experience, nature study, advocacy, training and education on nature and the physical and environmental conditions that are necessary for such conservation, restoration and development of nature.The organization frames its operational areas in a dynamic of sustainable development and is both a lever for social change and a means of personal development for its members, active volunteers and professional staff.

La Fondation peut en outre,protéger les droits de l’homme et lutter contre les violations des droits de l’homme sous toutes ses formes,mettre en œuvre et respecter toutes les résolutions pertinentes des Nations Unies et coopérer avec l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour les droits de l’homme et toutes les autres organisations œuvrant dans le même domaine dans le monde.

Afin de réaliser son but,la Fondation collecte des fonds auprès de personnes privées et d’institutions et a le droit de recevoir ces fonds sous forme de dons,subventions,legs,héritages,successions,etc.
Pour exercer ces activités,la Fondation se dotera de toutes ressources comprenant notamment,les cotisations et les contributions,les subventions des États,des collectivités publiques ou autres,des établissements publics ou autres,des subventions de Les Nations Unies et l’Union Européenne,de tous dons,legs et subsides.
Protéger les droits de l’homme et lutter contre les violations des droits de l’homme sous toutes ses formes,mettre en œuvre et respecter toutes les résolutions pertinentes des Nations Unies et coopérer avec l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour les droits de l’homme et toutes les autres organisations œuvrant dans le même domaine dans le monde.

La Fondation a le droit de contracter des emprunts et de donner ses biens en gage.

La Fondation est à but charitable et sans profit.

Les Fondateurs se réservent expressément le droit de modifier le but de la fondation conformément à l’art.86a C[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1603035041429{background-color: #f4f5f9 !important;}”][vc_column el_id=”foundingmembers”][gva_block_heading title=”Founding members”]Foundation International Agency for Refugees, Environmental and Families Affairs REFAI NGO[/gva_block_heading][gva_team_grid ids=”2593,2590,2876,7512,7155,7152,2595,2597,7155,7158,7160″ per_page=”22″ items_lg=”3″ items_md=”3″ items_sm=”2″ items_xs=”2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]