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Arab-African Council for Integration and Development- AACID

One of the leading civil society organizations in the field of comprehensive development and its main headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt according to Notices No. (5337) for the year 2014 and registered with the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations and accredited by ISEA, the special advisor at UN DESA for support and development of projects in Arab and African countries .. and includes a group of personalities And organizations and institutions from more than 50 Arab and African countries, including scholars, sheikhs, princes, ministers, senior businessmen and businesswomen in the countries of the world, specializing in economic, investment, scientific, cultural and social aspects, with their close contacts and relations at the level of state governments and organizations. There is no doubt that integration and development in all areas of life have become one of the strategic departments in contemporary institutions, as the economies of developed and developing countries depend on them to achieve their development and success. Because they are responsible for managing the most important resources in the organization, namely the human element that, when invested effectively, results in creating added value and competitive advantage among institutions. The efficiency of institutions is not measured by the financial results achieved only, because the financial indicators are no longer sufficient, since the continuity of these institutions has become dependent on measuring efficiency on the quality of the capabilities necessary to bring about change and development in a way that achieves creativity to suit the objectives of the institution, which is the core of the investment of resources and competencies. Mankind in light of the current developments. The competitive advantage between institutions and countries through innovation has become a strategic goal that most institutions seek to achieve through the outstanding performance of their resources and human competence. Thus, competition is mainly related to the human element in light of the transformation for the better. In the end, we can say that it has become imperative for institutions in Arab and African countries to adopt integration and development in a strategic manner for their human resources to be associated with the changes of the times. Consequently, we have to attract professional capabilities and competencies..Many institutions owe their success to their creative and innovative human skills and capabilities.