In the vision of the ISEV Holding with it”s partners Groups to consider that one of it’s obligation to take rules in the humanity issue, the founders of ISEV Holding and the other partners Groups was taken a decision to establish a humanity Foundation in Switzerland called International Agency for Refugees, Environment and Family Affairs REFAI NGO The objective of this organization is to establish and participate in humanity projects on the refugees and environment and Families including children, orphans, woman, handicap, homeless and young people programs and projects, and to asure the source of financing to this programs and projects , and to cover the need to the realization of this programs and projects the founders decide irrevocably to alocate to REFAI – NGO part of their yearly profits.
The foundation
This Foundation will have branchs in Belgium, Germany, Italy and other European country, and many regional and representative offices over the world. The Founders and thier parteners consider that one of there duty to participate in the development projects and programs over the world especially in each countries where they establish in it thier projects and business , take in consideration to establish also a branch of REFAI NGO in that country, who will have a part of the yearly profits of the local company to be alocated exclusively to the local development projects and programs on that country in cooperation between the branch of REFAI NGO in that country with the Governments and non Governments organization in that country.
Our idiologie

We have Four foundations :

  1. We look and deal with any person as a human being, regardless of his affiliation, nationality, color, race, religion or belief. Everyone is like some for us, and the only difference for us is the level of need and necessity that he is in.
  2. Every person has the right to live with his family with dignity and has the minimum level for a decent life in peace and safety away from violence, persecution and aggression with hope for a better life in a clean environment far from pollution while preserving natural resources and to be an effective component in a sustainable development program that reflects positively on his family And his community, his country and the world .
  3. We adopt the principle (We do not give them fish, but we teach them how to be fishermen). Our principle is to turn consumer persons into productive people who have the ability to work, so we do not give him a fish, but we teach him how to be a fisherman, and the skilled among them we teach them how to make the fish hook itself … so our projects revolve around About education, training and vocational rehabilitation while providing an appropriate healthy service environment with special attention to caring for children and the elderly .
  4. Autonomy

Our strategy

Our foundation pursues universally disinterested humanitarian objectives and aims to ensure human dignity for all individuals.

Our means to achieve these goals are provided by our members and strategic partners who guarantee us a return on their investments where humanitarian needs are identified.

Strategic Partners