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Head of Medical Consultant Committee


2018-Present Chief of Staff for USV Joint Services Command 10th Regional Command – 101st BCT

2013-2015 Director of Lucanus Clinic and Research Center

2006-2007 Healing Wellness with Dr. Ron Waling Radio Show

2005-Present Commanding Officer and Chief Medical Officer United States Military Training Corps

2005-2007 Director of Medicine, Healing Arts Wellness and Research Center

2003-Present Director, Field Nutrition for SG Five, Inc.

2003-Present Director, Tactical Fuel, Limited

2002-2010: President, African Botanicals

1997-2010: Chief Medical Officer Overlake Squadron US Air Force Auxiliary

1998-2002: Vice President/Director Kanzaki, Limited (USA/Japan)

1998-2005: Vice President/Director Living Water International, Limited (Japan)

1991-Present: Founder/Director, High Life Formulas, Inc.   and Bellevue Research Laboratories

1988-1990: President, The WALING Group (Waling Industries, Inc., Waling Consultants International, InterNet Pharmaceuticals)

1983-2013: Clinic Director, Physician, Family Health Clinic/Integrative Medical Clinic,                               LLC

1982-1984: Vice-President, co-founder, Rogers/Waling Corporation



Director, American BioChem Technologies, Ltd (China)

Director, Pacific Alliance, Ltd (USA and Japan)

Scientific Advisor, Living Water International, Limited (USA and Japan)

Scientific Advisor, Kanzaki Limited (USA and Japan)

Advisor, Lawyers Campaign for Hunger Relief (Washington)

Director, The Lucanus Foundation

Scientific Advisor, The American Health Research Association (Canada)

Director, BioMagnetics International, Inc.

Recommended as Advisor to President Reagan’s Council on AIDS


Promodex, (United Kingdom)

Industrial and Sports Medicine Clinic (Evansville, Indiana, USA)

Merit Pharmaceuticals, Richard Anter (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Clark’s Prescriptions, Byron & Mark Clark (Bellevue, Washington, USA)

Sweet Sunshine, Inc., Betty & Tony Sweet (Kent, Washington, USA)

Flora Beverage, Gavriel Harel (Canada)

Zambesia Botanica, Keith Duguid, (Zimbabwe, Africa)

King’s College London, Peter J. Houghton (England)

Finlandia Pharmacy, (Canada)

Metrix-Sovic International (Japan)

Aricana Resources, Inc. Al Folsom (Canada)

Muscanto, Ltd Mr. Peter Magurean, President (Czechoslovakia)

PolyTechna (Czechoslovakia)

Motokov (Czechoslovakia)

Czech Moravian Trade Union

Xentech, Ron Gorthius (Canada, Kuwait and China)

Bosworth International, Warren Bosworth (Florida)

Dr. Ronald G. Waling, NMD cont.


Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (Past)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (Past)

New York Academy of Sciences (Past)

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce (Past)

Better Business Bureau (Past)


The Role of Chaperone Proteins in Ageing and Onset of Disease in Modern Medicine”

“Diabetes: Avoiding the Plague”

“New Approaches to Treating Prostate Cancer”

“Preventive Therapeutics and Coronary Heart Disease”

“Out With The New In With The Old – New Holistic ND vs Conventional MD a Theoretical


“Immune Deficiency Therapy by Botanical Methods”

“The Use of Natural Occurring Immunostimulants in Immune Deficiency Diseases     including AIDS”

 “The Biological Effects and Natural Biological Treatment of Acute and Chronic Cases of Radiation Sickness”

 “The Effects of Colon Irrigation on Serum Electrolyte Balance”

“Cervical Mucus, Sperm Motility, Ovulation and Contraception” 


2003- Study on the Effects of PC Calm on Prostate Cancer

2000- Study on the effects of Zallouh Extract on Erectile Dysfunction; USA, United                          Kingdom

1997-1998; Beta 1,3, Glucan Study, USA

1997-1998; Hoxsiac Study, Canada

1996-1999; Kigelia Study, (The Effects of Kigelia africanum on Melanoma), Africa

1990-1991; Manna Meal Project (Lawyer’s Campaign for Hunger Relief)

1987-1990; AIDS Treatment Hospital; USA, Sweden

1983-1997; Botanical Medicines for Immune Deficiency Therapy; USA, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, France, Holland, Brazil, and The Bahamas

1984-1995; BioMagnetics and Human Disease; USA

1987; Bellevue Research Laboratories in Conjunction with The National Institute of Immunology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

1987; Immuno-Potentiating Properties of Germanium Sesquioxide, USA, Japan

1986-Chernobyl; Natural Therapies for Radiation Sickness; USA, Canada, USSR and Brazil



Naturopathic Clinic, Bastyr University, Seattle-1983

American Biologics Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Mexico-1983-87

Immunology Research Center, Bahamas-1983

Dr. Ronald G. Waling, NMD cont.  


Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians – (Intravenous Injection Protocol on

Parenteral Nutrition for Detoxification Systems (Oregon))

International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends

Karl Loren Talk Show, Los Angeles

Option Magazine, Health Action Network Society

Jack Putnam Talk Show, Los Angeles

National Press Conference, Los Angeles Press Club

Kevin Joyce Talk Show, WJR, Detroit

Nutrition Break Radio Talk Show, Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Martins Nutrition Show, Denver

KING radio and television









Special Interest Groups (e.g. Association for Ecologically Sensitive Individuals, International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends)



2015    The Role of Chaperone Proteins in Ageing and Onset of Disease in Modern


2010:   Adrenal Medicine and Saliva Testing Interpretations – 2.5 week Internship (Diagnos-Techs)

2009:   Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training, CPR, Self Aid Buddy Care (USMTC –Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

2009:   CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, Self Aid Buddy Care, First Aid (Basic and Intermediate) (Trainer)

2008:   “Meeting the Requirements for Prescription of Controlled Substances to Obtain a DEA Number (Washington State)” & “First Line Prescribing – Clinical Insights for Using the Expanded Naturopathic Formulary” (Bastyr University) (Instructor)

2008:   “IV Therapies in Naturopathic Practice: Basic Training and Clinical Applications from the Experts” (Bastyr University)

2001:        Percutaneous Cement Delivery in the New Millennium (Certified)

1999:        Chelation Symposium ACAM (American College for the Advancement

of Medicine)

1990:         Chelation Symposium ACAM (American College for the Advancement

of Medicine)

1985-1987: Post-Graduate studies in Chinese Medicine

Johannes Liu, M.D. (China), Seattle, WA

1984          Intensive Study BioMagnetics, Jacksonville, FL

1981-1983: Acupuncture Seminars,

Acupuncture College of the Pacific, Seattle, WA.

1978-1982: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.)   Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine, Seattle, WA

1978:          Completed Pre-Medical Studies, Human Biology Kansas Newman College, Wichita, KS

1977:          Veterinary Assistant Degree

North American School of Animal Sciences, Lansing, MI